Drill Machine

Drill Machine

Drill Machine

Drilling machines are among the most common devices found in machine shops. Drill machines are mainly used for drilling holes but can also be used for other machining operations. There are several drilling machines, but most fall into four categories: Radial, upright sensitive, upright, and special purpose.

Radial Arm Drill Press

A radial drill press enables the operator to place the spindle directly over the workpiece instead of moving the workpiece to the tool. Radial drills provide power feed on the spindle. In addition, it offers an automatic mechanism to lower or raise its arm. Its wheel head is located on the arm and can be traversed, making the machine versatile and easy to use. These machines can be equipped with a tilting table, enabling the operator to drill angular holes in a single setup.

Upright Sensitive Drill Press

Sensitive drill presses are machines used for light duties. These devices are used for moderate work. It's called an upright sensitive machine because it is hand-fed. Hand feeding the tool into the workpiece allows the operator to feel the real cutting action. These drill presses are made in a floor style.

Upright Drill Press

Upright drill presses are mainly used for heavy duties. This machine is used on large hole-producing operations that usually involve more significant parts. This machine allows the operator to feed the tool into the workpiece. The power feeding mechanism advances the tool into the workpiece. Some of these machines have automatic table raising mechanisms.

Special Purpose Drill Machines

There are several types of special-purpose drilling machines. They all have different purposes. Special-purposes machines can drill up to 20 holes at once or holes as small as 0.01 inches. These machines include the gang drilling machines, multiple spindle drilling machines, Micro drill press, and Turret type drilling machines.

Micro Drill Press

Micro drill presses are incredibly accurate. It's tiny, and it can only handle small parts. These types of machines are made as bench-top models. They also have chucks that can hold small drilling tools.

Gang Drilling Machines

AutoDrill's gang drill presses have several work heads placed over a single table. This type of machine is used during successive operations. Different machining operations like reaming, tapping, drilling, and counter drilling can be performed using the gang drilling machine. Some of these are known as Multiple Spindle Drilling Machines which are all on the same spindle.

Multiple Spindle Drilling Machine

AutoDrill's multiple spindle drilling machines have many spindles connected to one main work head. All the spindles are fed into the workpiece simultaneously. This drill machine is primarily useful when you have many parts with holes close to each other. The main work of the multi-spindle drilling machine is to increase productivity or to see multiple holes drilled at once to increase efficiency.

Turret Type Drilling Machine

AutoDrill's turret drilling machines have several drilling heads set up on a turret. Each turret can be fitted with its type of cutting tool. The turret allows the tool needed to be indexed into position quickly. We also have modern turret-type drilling machines controlled with computers to enable quick and accurate table positioning. These machines also can have tools of different sizes or purposes such as reamers, drills, taps, etc., and run on the same drive mechanism including drill presses. Sometimes they are called Multiple Spindle Drilling Machines.

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Drill Machine
Drill Machine
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Drill Machine