Our History

The History of AutoDrill LLC
Business Established

From the beginning, Joe Agro, Sr.’s business philosophy was based on exceptional service, selection, quality and value. Having already acquired decades of experience in the machinery field and leading other companies to success for years, he established AutoDrill LLC. The company now has a highly devoted customer base, competitive pricing and superior quality products. Today, AutoDrill stands as the leading expert for production drilling, tapping and all things multiple spindle head related.

The first prototypes were extremely successful. This would lead to the development of the AutoDrill 1000, AutoDrill 2000 and eventually the AutoDrill 5000 self-feed drills. Accessories such as tap-capable drills, multiple spindle units and specialty set-ups would follow the release of each model. Although containing some similarities in appearance, each AutoDrill design was specifically engineered to meet growing demands in the manufacturing and production hole processing industry.

The 2000 and 2100 series AutoDrill self-feeder units are the most common units sold by AutoDrill. Capable of performing small to medium size hole processes, they are relatively light, compact and yet powerful enough for some of the most demanding applications. These models can be found in industries ranging from food service to aerospace, military applications to the medical field.

The 1000 and 1100 series AutoDrill self-feed units are provided when a customer has a space constraint within their process. Designed to be extremely compact and lightweight, the 1000 and 1100 series units fit where no other drill on the market can. They often outperform units that are much larger. This unit is a favorite of engineers in the medical and small appliance field, especially when working in aluminum, plastic and fiberglass-filled products.

The 2000 series Auto-Tap unit was the first product offered by AutoDrill as a self-feeding tap machine. It is capable of tapping reliably in a wide range of materials and sizes. With a range from 1/3HP to 2HP and 100 RPM to 2000 RPM, the unit is extremely versatile.

The 2200 Series AutoDrill was designed as a quill feed unit with a simple pull style feed control. What this means in the customer’s shop is that a stop does not need to be placed on the fixture for the feed control. It is fully integrated into the AutoDrill design. This is a tremendous advantage when you have a multiple spindle head in the way or can not place a stop conveniently in your AutoDrill set-up.

To keep up with the continued growth in cutting edge technology, AutoDrill began offering electrical panels to its customers. This allows an application to be completely controlled by computer or PLC and increases efficiency in production, quality and control. We have since outsourced this service to professionals we trust and have history with to better serve you.

AutoDrill and a key machine builder in the USA started working together to offer higher end set-ups and “turn key” products for customers. Because AutoDrill wanted to focus on what it did best, it had always stayed away from building full fixture stands with clamps, linear feeders, bowl feeders, complex safety systems, etc. With this new business arrangement, customers now had a source for even the most complex fixtures, fully automated lines, etc. To this day, AutoDrill works closely with the engineers and designers there as well as a number of other strategic partners.

Joe Agro, Sr. brings in a second generation: His son Joe Agro, Jr. enters into the business as a partner. Joe Jr’s instinct for efficiency, innovation and quality becomes one of the leading factors that continue to drive AutoDrill’s growth and success.

AutoDrill expands its facility: With around 200,000 square foot of building surrounding them, they more than tripled their previous facility size to better serve customers. The former AutoDrill facility was located at: 50 Division Avenue, Millington, NJ 07946 (geo: lat=40.673176654697414 geo: lon=-74.52311754226685)

Launch of the 5000, 5100, 5200, 5000 Auto-Tap and 5000 Annular Cutter Units: After years of design and testing, these self-feeders are one of our most successful product lines. The 5000 series units rise above all others in their class. With its dual integrated guide rod set-up, high thrust numbers and high horsepower capability, all of the units in this series are serious workhorses! The 5000 series unit is perfect for high HP, high thrust applications where feed control is not necessary. The 5100 series is an excellent self-feeder unit for single hole drilling, reaming, etc. The 5200 series quill feed unit can be used for single or multiple hole processes where a fixture mounted stop is not possible or desired. We can even offer fully adjustable skip feed operations with the 5200 series units. The 5000 Auto-Tap is capable of tapping larger holes and multiple holes at the same time. Finally, the 5000 Annular Cutter unit is the perfect machine for structural steel, well pipe drilling, etc. The 5000 series line of products is well on its way to outselling all previous units as competitors sell units with similar capabilities for many times more than the cost of the AutoDrill machines.

These OEMs offer everything from material pushers and cutters to burning tables, CNC set-ups, etc. Because the AutoDrill product fits so well, these OEMs typically come to us first when they need any type of drilling, reaming, tapping or other hole processing machinery. See the Turn Key Set-Up section of this web site for more information.

Control Feed Tapper Improvement: An improvement to the 2000 series Auto-Tap and 5000 series Auto-Tap design, this is our new standard. This technology allows customers to tap very small holes or tap in very soft materials without worrying about the thrust of the machine damaging the fragile threads. By providing fully adjustable feed control in both directions, the machine can be used to tap a multitude of hole sizes and thread pitches with nothing more than a simple adjustment between part runs. Many competitors force you to partially disassemble their cumbersome lead screw based units. This improvement also allows AutoDrill to incorporate its SkipFeed option for faster cycle times and thus greater cost savings. Finally, this upgrade to the design allows AutoDrill to fully integrate its multiple spindle head tapping technology on the 2000 and 5000 series units. The Control Feed Tapper by AutoDrill is so efficient in its feed rate that it even extends tooling life over a standard pneumatic stroke drill tap set-up.

AutoDrill once again expands its facility: With this move, they doubled shop space and tripled their office space to better serve their customers. This is their current facility and it is located at: 1221 US Highway 22, Lebanon, NJ 08833 (geo: lat=40.6435781 geo: lon=-74.8234341,19.83). This new location is located just a few hundred feet off of a major highway. This not only helps us to be more accessible to our customers, but also helps them to ship more quickly and inexpensively.

Joe Agro, Sr. retires from AutoDrill: After more than 15 years of highly successful activity, Joe Sr. decided it was best to enjoy life a little more! He spends his spare time with his wife of nearly 50 years now doing all sorts of non-AutoDrill related things. Joe Agro, Jr. (now simply known as Joe) takes over all operations at AutoDrill. A third Joe Agro is currently in training to work at AutoDrill by taking classes at a local college designed to best integrate him into the daily routine here at AutoDrill HQ. AutoDrill Trivia – At one point, There were a total of three Joe Agro’s in AutoDrill’s office as well as a fourth Joe who worked in engineering answering phones. This, as you can imagine meant that Joe was ALWAYS available to take your calls and serve you best – but for some reason, he often didn’t remember talking to you only minutes earlier! With the newest Joe Agro joining the crew soon, we now go by Senior, Joe, Joseph and Mr. Arce.

AutoDrill expands its staff to better serve customers: With more room came more opportunity to serve customers better! In less than a year, they doubled their engineering staff so that customers receive the very best service possible at all times.

AutoDrill expands its capabilities: With the addition of extreme duty, high thrust and high torque units, AutoDrill began offering drilling units capable of up to 1.500” (38mm) holes in steel with standard tooling. Their tapping line can now thread holes up to 2.375” (60mm) in steel. Even larger custom solutions are offered for those who go beyond these sizes. This additional line of products allows AutoDrill to drive multi drill spindles in greater quantity than ever before off of a single machine.

With a 30+ country international client base, AutoDrill has enough experience to professionally discuss and help solve your application challenges and needs. Whether your job is for a single automated drill machine or a fully automated multi-spindle drilling, tapping and final finishing line, AutoDrill is ready to help you be the best you can be!