Series 2100H AutoDrill

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AutoDrill offers a machine specifically set-up for use with common annular cutters such as the Hougen Rotabroach or Jancy Slugger offerings. AutoDrill’s 2100H Series self-feeder drill is a good match when you must drill large holes through plate materials or filter pipe, etc. This specific self-feeder drill and your annular cutter removes material with less energy by only drilling the outer portion of the hole and dropping a plug. The power required is sometimes up to 71% less than removing the material with standard drill tooling. This makes this machine a “green” option compared to standard drilling processes. This unit can often be configured to run in any orientation.

Hougen, Jancy and others can often offer the annular cutter units with a positive plug ejection system. This helps make sure that the slug of material that is cut by the hole-saw like tool is ejected to complete the operation. See below for a set-up that uses the reverse thrust of the AutoDrill Self-Feeder to eject the plug (hundreds of pounds of thrust). Rather than just a simple spring ejection system which can often fail and cause costly down time to your process, this option helps guarantee your process runs smoothly and quickly.

AutoDrill will gladly discuss the advantages and details associated with this highly efficient method of drilling holes.

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Annular cutters and self-feed units equipped with this type of energy saving tooling can be used for the following applications:

  • Structural steel drilling operations
  • Plate drilling operations
  • Larger diameter pipe drilling operations
  • Well pipe perforation (filter pipe)
  • Helical pier manufacturing
  • Sheet metal drilling
  • Fastener removal (drill around the fastener and “pop” the plug out)
  • Multi spindle drill head operations
  • And many more
2100 Hougen

Annular Cutter Drill – Example Drawing by AutoDrill

Annular Cutter Machine

Annular Cutter Machine by AutoDrill – Positive Plug Ejection System

Below is a simple video featuring some annular cutter AutoDrill units.