2000 Series Control Feed Auto-Tap

The Self-Feeding Auto-Tap models gives you the excellent AutoDrill 2100 unit as a starting platform. Then we add a self-reversing tap head. This even allows a single unit to be used for both drilling and tapping in some cases. Because of the self-reversing mechanism, there is no need for the motor to change direction. The Auto-Tap is capable of any thread configuration within its capacity range without any internal changes. No longer is it necessary to have an individual lead screw for each thread pitch. The unit can be configured quickly to work for multiple size or pitch tap tools. This keeps the cost reasonable and the operation setup to a minimum.

Here are just some of the Control-Feed Auto-Tap features and options:

  • Only AutoDrill offers the Control Feed advantage!
  • Dual direction feed control for precise entry and exit
  • Lower cost than servo or lead screw tappers
  • Greater flexibility as you can change to another tap size quickly
  • Positive forward and reverse drive
  • Available for RH or LH thread operations
  • Ability to drive more than a single tap at once (gang drill or multi-drill heads holding 2+ taps)
  • Optional entry cushion available
  • Reliable for re-threading (thread chasing) operations
  • Compatible with cut or thread form (roll tap) operations
  • Three models handle up to 5/8″ capacity
  • Optional SkipFeed for DRAP or fast cycle time applications

Auto-Tap Standard Selection

  • Auto-Tap Rx30 (up to 1/4″)
  • Auto-Tap Rx II 50 (up to 1/2″)
  • Auto-Tap Rx70 (up to 5/8″)

For larger holes, see the 5000 Series Auto-Tap

Configurable Options

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