Multiple Spindle Heads

Multiple Spindle Products can be divided into the three basic categories:

The first and most common style multi-drill head are the Metalworking Drill Heads. Our collet style heads use industry standard ER style spindles and collets for high precision, low cost, and worldwide availability. Other spindle styles are also available upon request including automotive (ASA), Morse Taper, Jacobs Taper and others. The ER style spindles are by far the most common for typical applications. Drilling many holes at once with a multiple output drilling machine is extremely efficient use of your equipment and human resources.

Metalworking Multi-Spindle Heads are available in these configurations:

Adjustable Multi-Drill Spindle Heads – Adjustable multiple spindle heads or multi prong tools and drills are often suitable for equally spaced hole patterns only. They are available in two, three and four spindle options for in-line and bolt circle hole patterns. CLICK HERE to view how they are adjusted. Many of these units are stock items here at AutoDrill. We stock spare parts in case of a machine crash, etc. They may be adapted to almost any conventional drilling machine. Go see our selection of adjustable multi-drill heads for more details and capacity information. All the spindles operate in the same rotation direction and speed for drilling, reaming, tapping and light plunge milling. Many unique uses have also been applied for these versatile products.

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