Various Motor Configurations

5000 Series AutoDrill – Motor Configurations

We recommend a three phase electric motor for its’ simple, reliable, and energy efficient operation.  If you do not have three phase power available, a single phase motor option is also available. You can also choose an air motor drive for the unit if you are in an all air shop or have a space constraint, etc.

This page will show some basic motor configurations. It will use the electric motor as an example, but the pneumatic motor drive options are similar. Motors for the 5000 Series AutoDrill are generally available from 1/3 HP to 3 HP. Almost all motor drive arrangements can also make use of a gear reducer for lower RPM applications.

Almost all 5000 Series self feeder AutoDrill units are driven by high quality, anti-slip HTD timing belt and pulley set-ups. These are toothed sets for positive drive action.

Typical Motor & Automatic Drill Drive Arrangements:

This shows the “UT” and “UR” motor configuration. These are the most common. “UT” is often for horizontal drilling and “UR” generally for vertical. The motor is generally configurable in four positions with this mounting plate. Custom positions also available upon request.

This shows the “ZT” and “ZR” configuration. “ZT” is common for horizontal drilling operations. “ZR” is common for vertical operations. Both can be set up to put the motor out of the way of other processes. Custom rotation positions available upon request.

Direct Drive configuration. The output speed of the motor is often the same as the tool RPM with this configuration.

Custom Multiple Drive Arrangement. If you have a special need, please contact us. We can often meet that need. Some other offerings include off-set drives, close C-C drives, right angle drives, etc.

This shows the “USL” and “USR” configuration. This puts the drill motor off to the side for clearance and convenience purposes.

Electric Motor Advantages:

  • Industry standard
  • Many different suppliers available
  • Inexpensive to purchase
  • Saves you the most money in many cases
  • Very reliable
  • Simple to maintain
  • Constant and predictable RPM at the tool
  • VFD / Inverter rated options available for different RPM rates
  • Low noise operation
  • A very “green” option

Air Motor Advantages:

  • Weighs less
  • Small size
  • Can possibly alter RPM rate easily while in use
  • No electrical power is needed except at compressor
  • Compatible with wood and plastic “pneumatic only” shops
  • Inert gasses can be utilized for explosion-proof or other critical operations
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