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The 2200 Series AutoDrill is based on the 2000 Series AutoDrill with the addition of a pull style HydroSpeed feed cylinder. This is much more controllable than a simple pneumatic flow or feed control. Two speed feed rate is standard. The HydroSpeed controls the work penetration feed rate and breakthrough process. Because the unit has a pull style feed control, we are able to control the drill movement rate in both the forward and reverse direction if desired. The standard set-up controls the forward stroke while the retract is rapid for lower cycle times. The pull style unit also allows AutoDrill to add multi-drill heads to the unit. The HydroSpeed does not require a stop to be provided by the customer. It is built right in to the unit! This allows you to drill many holes with a single machine.

The HydroSpeed can be provided on either the right or the left side of the AutoDrill. Right side mounting on the self feeder is the standard. This flexibility is appreciated when drilling closely spaced holes or on special projects. This simplifies maintenance since it can be adjusted or replaced if damaged without disturbing the AutoDrill body or custom fixturing.

The 2200 Series AutoDrill’s features are:

  • Perfectly designed for multi-drill spindle applications
  • Self feeding drill capabilities
  • Spindle stroke from minimum to 9.000″
  • Feed control for up to 8.000″
  • Two Speed stroke control
  • Two speed retract control optional
  • Optional dual direction feed control is independently adjustable
  • Cleaner hole break thru where less or no burr is desired
  • Self feeding reaming, deburring and countersinking / small counterbore capabilities
  • Thrust forces to 500 lbs on shop air
  • Multiple motor drive options available to suit the application
  • Spindles speeds from 80 to 6,000 RPM
  • Custom configurations for close C-C drilling
  • Built-in precision depth control
  • All position mounting and operation capable.
  • Key-Type chucks or Precision ER style collet chucks (ER16, ER20, ER25 and ER32)
  • Two to four spindle adjustable heads
  • Two or more spindle fixed pattern heads
  • Single spindle off-set heads also available
  • Electric or Air Motor drive options up to 3 HP
  • Improved counterbore and countersink finishes
  • Can drill many holes at once with multi prong drills and tools
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