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The 2000 Series AutoDrill is our unit in it’s very basic form. Pneumatic stroke controls allow the Series 2000 AutoDrill to perform many basic drilling operations. The units may be installed in any orientation. This allows operations, that are difficult to drill manually, to be setup for trouble free high production runs.

Most jobs require a HydroSpeed enhanced 2100 Series unit, but when stroke control can be simply adjusted by varying the line pressure and flow regulation, this is the unit for the job. The controls usually have only one stroke speed. They are suitable for some blind hole and some less critical thru hole drilling jobs. For two speed operation that is required with most hole making processes, we offer our 2100 or 2200 series AutoDrills.

Multiple AutoDrill units can easily be controlled simultaneously for high production manufacturing environments. A single pneumatic valve control is all that is typically needed. AutoDrill’s pneumatic controls are available and in many cases can be customized for your special projects.

The main features of the 2000 Series AutoDrill are:

  • Self feeding drill capabilities
  • Self feeding reaming, deburring and countersinking / small counter-bore capabilities
  • Can receive and drive multiple drill spindle attachments
  • Thrust forces to 500 lbs on shop air
  • Multiple motor drive options available to suit the application
  • Spindles speeds options from 80 to 6,000 RPM
  • Spindle stroke up to 9.000″
  • Custom configurations for close C-C drilling
  • Built-in precision depth control
  • All position mounting options
  • Standard Key-Type Chuck
  • Precision ER Style Collet Chuck (ER16, ER20, ER25 and ER32)
  • Electric or Air Motor drive options up to 3 HP
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