Self Feed Drill

Self Feed Drill

Self Feed Drill

Self-feed drills, also known as fixture drills, auto drills, or auto-feed drills, are convenient for an automatic drill press. They have extensive applications, especially when desired for reliability, precision, and flexibility. Self-feed drills are ideal for custom drilling tasks requiring single holes to be drilled. You can have multiple holes by using multi-heads or several exercises positioned around the parts where the holes are needed.

Unlike an automatic drilling machine, a self-feed drill works without applying pressure from the worker, making it convenient for working on projects for more extended periods.

Features Of Our Self-Feed Drill

Multiple hole drilling - Drill single or multiple holes at once thanks to the multiple spindle head and/or staggered spindle lengths of the drill.

Minor hole drilling - Our industrial-rated drills can handle small tasks with the same precision as smaller drills, thanks to accurate feed control.

Confined spaces - Self-feed drills are perfect for conquering drilling surfaces with difficult access. You can reach every surface and perform every action reliably through our selection of off-set drill heads, custom spindles, and housings, and reverse stroke drill heads.

High Precision - Our AutoDrills accurately reproduce operations for the same results each time.

Desirability - An integrated auto driller is cheaper than a CNC machine. The latter is costly and complex and has high training costs for each new operator. AutoDrills are comparatively faster and work at more flexible angles.

Other features include:

  • Accurate spindle equipped with preloaded bearing support for greater precision and longevity
  • Inbuilt dwell controls with reproducible depth measurements
  • Customizable feed rate
  • Market-leading stroke length of up to 1.5", 4", 5: or 9" depending on model
  • Adjustable thrust forces of 100-1500 lbs. for greater penetration

Types of Drives

Self-feed drills come with a pneumatic drive system or electric motors. Pneumatic drills are more compact in comparison, and their small footprint makes them easier to work with and more practical for use in more confined spaces. They use a pneumatic drive system and a pneumatic feed controller. Electric auto feed drills use electric motors for power. They are better suited to heavy-duty automated drilling tasks as they produce more horsepower and are ideally suited to industrial applications.

Quality Machining

It is easy to find a state-of-the-art driller with top-grade machining features. Our market-leading array of AutoDrills delivers over 1500 lbs. of dynamic, customizable thrust. They have a control block that determines the extension cycle and offers access to other operational features of the drill. Set your desired drive torque to receive an equal application of downward force. If you require tapping duties from the drill, use the rate adjuster to adjust the thread pitch.

Greater Thrust

Turn to our electrically driven models when you need functionality matching an automatic magnetic drill press. With a thrust rating exceeding 1500 lbs., the electrically driven motor and air-power controls give you complete control of the equipment for the most demanding task. Proximity switches and solenoids add to the capabilities of the auto-feed drill and whose configurations you can adjust through the control block.

AutoDrill is a leading provider of drilling and tapping solutions in the U.S. Please visit our website to view our products or call our representatives today at 1-800-871-5022 to order.

Self Feed Drill
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Self Feed Drill

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