Industrial Drilling Machine

Industrial Drilling Machine

Industrial Drilling Machine

Industrial drilling machines, also known as drill presses, are popular machines used in a construction or machine shop. This machine is primarily used for drilling holes into metals, plastics, and woods, but combined with other tools, it can be used for a couple of other machining tasks. The most common task performed on a drilling machine is drilling, tapping, reaming, countersinking, and counterboring. Here are the most common types of drilling machines we offer:

Automatic Drilling Machine

This is a type of drilling machine that can perform a series of operations automatically from one work unit to the other. After loading the work on the first automated drilling machine, the operation will move from one tool to the other where different tasks can be performed, and the completed work is delivered by the last tool without requiring any manual handling. Automatic drill presses are designed mainly for the purpose of production.

Special Purpose Drilling Machine

This is an industrial drilling machine designed for special purposes such as drilling multiple holes in one setting. The machine can also perform intricate tasks like drilling tiny holes. Some of the most common sets of special purpose drilling machines include gang drilling machines, multiple spindle drilling machines, and micro-drilling machines.

At AutoDrill, we deal in various types of drilling machines for manufacturers and other industrial shops. Whether you are looking for a standard or industrial drilling machine for sale, we have you covered. Autodrill stands as the leading expert for production drilling, tapping, and all things multiple spindle head-related. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we are confident we can help your shop become more efficient through our drilling units.

Shop for your state-of-the-art drilling units today on our website or call us at 800-871-5022 for more information on the products that best fit your needs.

Industrial Drilling Machine
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Industrial Drilling Machine

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