Drill Press Spindle

Drill Press Spindle

Drill Press Spindle

It is essential to carry the right tools for the job at hand. Accurate drilling paths, perfect holes, and straight drilling require the proper assembly of devices and drill press setup. The right spindle on your integrated auto driller adds precision to your drilling.

Our drill spindle is adaptable to both straight and angled drilling tasks and works well on the board's edge as it does on round stock. It pairs with standard and masonry bits, forstners, plug cutters, spade bits, and hole saws. It can drill in any direction.


Our automated drilling press spindle offers:

  • Precise centering for accurate drilling
  • Adjustable angles
  • Guiding scale embedded into its aluminum base
  • Variable depth stop to manage drilling depth
  • HydroSpeed controls for drill penetration
  • Sturdy guide base for meticulous centering

Replacing Your Drill Spindle

Spindles are built to last on every state-of-the-art driller, but there is only so much abuse they can take. Over time, it can bend, or the bearings can fail, especially with consistently high pressure. Replacing the spindle is a good DIY job, though not for the inexperienced. If you are familiar with all the parts of an automatic drilling machine, the replacement should only be of medium difficulty. Prepare yourself with the right tools including a drill chuck removal tool.

The steps

  1. Remove the drill chuck with a removal tool
  2. Undo the belt by exposing the drill cover
  3. Unfasten the quill set screw
  4. Disassemble the return spring - Be careful to release the tension by unfastening the outer nut - Before pulling it out completely, remove the spring housing carefully
  5. Hold the quill assembly, then remove it from the drilling machine

A bearing press helps remove the bearings. If you need help, please contact us.

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Drill Press Spindle
Drill Press Spindle
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Drill Press Spindle