Centrifugal Fans Eldridge USA

Centrifugal Fans Eldridge USA

Continental Fan's centrifugal blowers are ideally suited for various industrial, commercial, and OEM ventilation applications. We have ready-to-ship stock. Have an inquiry today!

Typical Applications For Centrifugal Fans

Industrial Cooling

The industrial propeller fan is excellent for moving gas from inside the building to the outdoors. Cement manufacturing plants need many cooling fans to blow cool air to the processing machines and suck out the dust. Glass production facilities need a fan to cool the oven temperatures to maintain a smooth manufacturing process. Make sure you choose a fan with the type of construction and design to fan away large volumes of air and efficiently remove dirt particles, especially within a manufacturing plant.

Air Circulation

Heavy production industries have a lot of heat and energy and cannot maintain the correct oxygen levels to support proper manufacturing processes. Centrifugal fans have plenty of applications and can remove aerial contaminants like dust by drafting out the air to the outside and bringing in cleaner air from the same. A fan mounted at the tip of the manufacturing plant's building will work excellently in filtering out air because it supplements the existing air purification system.


Fans are needed when you want to cool air and reduce the moisture content on a larger scale area. These fans act like drying sheets that encourage evaporation and then fan away the moisture to another area. Centrifugal fans used for drying usually have adjustable pressure systems. You can pump it up to speed up the process or do the opposite for a smaller area or with little moisture content.

Applications of Centrifugal Fans and Blowers

Air Cleaning

Air cleaning movement is essential when you have a lot of toxins in the space or you intend to get rid of the saturated gasses to make the environment more tolerable for humans.

Dust loading fans improve air quality by capturing, collecting, and loading the particulates into suitable systems away from the environment. These systems are helpful in areas that have a lot of human traffic or highly critical workspaces like a server room or hospital.

Examples Of Industries That Need Centrifugal Fans

Some examples of applications that use centrifugal fans are areas with high temperatures, intense humidity, and dirt. Some high-temperature industries include industrial furnaces used in manufacturing.

Dairy processing to move and recycle air in the processing plant. These DC fans usually fall within the standards of the FDA because they are used in food and beverage industries that must get FDA approval.

Benefits Of Buying A Centrifugal Fan From Eldridge

Our Centrifugal blowers and cooling fans are highly efficient at moving vast volumes of air or working with intense pressure. There are a majority of applications where you can install the fans because they have versatile industrial operations and are quickly adaptable to various engineering settings.

Check out some of our options online and contact us to get a quote for industrial axial fans and centrifugal industrial fans.

Centrifugal Fans Eldridge USA
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Centrifugal Fans Eldridge USA
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Centrifugal Fans Eldridge USA