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Auto Tapper

Auto Tapper

Automatic drilling and tapping machines, also known as auto tappers, create threaded holes in different materials. They come in varying dimensions, ranging from small, handheld drills to heavy-duty machines used in industrial applications. The most common auto tapper is an automatic drilling machine. The nature of the drilled material determines what kind of tapper to use. Electric tappers are the most popular in the market because of their high torque output, though tappers with pneumatic drive systems are not uncommon either.

We have spent countless hours designing an auto tapper that checks all the right boxes. Our tapping equipment is easy and rugged enough to withstand sequential tasks with self-feeding support.


Relying on a robust electric motor, our electric auto tapper has a multi-directional head as standard for easy threading in any direction. It has a remarkable torque output with adjustable voltage, brushless technology, high-speed support, fully automatic modes with customizable speeds, an automatic mode, and preload protection when maximum torque is applied. Like our integrated auto driller, its 240/480-volt motor offers adjustable torque to match the requirements of each tapping job.

It has a compact design, despite its high power output. We were intentional with the dimensions of our automated drilling machine because we wanted a device with a smaller footprint to enable quicker, easier installation. It is constructed using high-quality materials, and it is durable and offers reliable performance with each task.

The auto tapper supports a fully automatic mode for maximum torque output. It can easily tap heavy gauge wire, aluminum extrusions, and copper strips.


  • Slim, compact designs
  • Self-reversing tap head (often for simultaneous drilling and tapping)
  • Multi-directional feed control for easy and accurate entry and exit
  • Flexibility in adjusting tap sizes
  • Multi-drill head support
  • Rethreading capabilities
  • Low cost, quick installation
  • Minimal preventive maintenance requirements
  • Long service life thanks to the ball bearing spindle
  • Support for multi-directional mounting

Our state-of-the-art driller has many more distinguishing characteristics. It has a large, sturdy span base for minimal vibration. It has a three-axis configuration. The spindle design is very stable and has low inertia for high-speed machining.


The integrated auto driller and tapper work at home and in industrial settings although the cost is prohibitive for most home applications. The automated feeding, positioning, clamping, tapping, and unloading mean that only one person is needed to operate the machine. It is suitable for both production efficiency and labor cost reduction in industrial settings.

Support for slow, regular, and rapid speeds means you can use it for small hole projects and others requiring alternating fast and slow speeds.

The tappers support both manual and remote controls for greater versatility. We stock a wide array of accessories for the auto-feed drill and tapper, including clamps, tapping heads, and chucks. We have a few equally robust models if your allegiance lies with pneumatically controlled auto feed drills. These come with their entire pneumatic circuitry.

AutoDrill specializes in providing manufacturers with drilling and tapping solutions that will make them more efficient. Call our representatives today at 1-800-871-5022 to order.

Auto Tapper
Auto Tapper
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