Multi-Drill Spindle Heads for the Typical Drill Press

How to Turn a Single Drill Press Into a Gang Drill

Most industrial and manufacturing operations have at least a single drill press in their shop. Now you can have an adjustable or fixed pattern multi-drill head for your drill press.

A drive adapter made specifically for your drill press is provided with every multiple spindle drilling head purchased. We keep many adjustable spindle drill heads and the drill press adapters in stock. Drill press adapters are available for Morse Taper, Jacobs Taper and many other mounting methods. We offer stock adapters for MT2, MT3, MT4, MT5 and R8 machines and can make MT1, MT6, MT7, ISO, CAT, etc.

NOTE: We can often offer a simple drill press out of our stock with an adjustable head if you have a need to rush the order as quickly as possible. Expedite fees apply, but we have an answer on its way to you in hours!

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