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Certificate of Destruction Phoenix

Certificate of Destruction Phoenix

After shredding confidential data or disposing of unwanted or expired products, it is essential to have a record of the destruction to maintain compliance. No matter your selected company, you must request a certificate of destruction for your records. This document will display the date, time, and location where the product was disposed of or the document was shredded. Other information includes witnesses to the destruction: an agreement that all materials or products are confidential and acceptance of fiduciary responsibility.

Here at Sledgehammer Product Destruction, we offer a certificate of destruction upon completion of your product destruction job in Phoenix. Here are some of our destruction services that come with a certificate

Food and Beverage Waste Destruction Services

If your company deals with food and beverage waste, off-spec liquids, or by-products, we can help you dispose of these materials responsibly, safely, and cost-effectively. Here at Sledgehammer Product Destruction, we have different ways to dispose of unwanted or unsellable food and beverage products or by-products. You can rely on us for the experience, equipment, infrastructure, or reverse logistics to handle any volume of products. With us, you can have peace of mind knowing that your entire food and beverage waste destruction process will meet all security requirements and confidentiality as outlined under state and federal laws. 

Product Destruction Services

Here at Sledgehammer Product Destruction, we provide a safe and easy alternative for your product destruction needs that guarantees your material remains unusable and irrecoverable. Unlike other companies, we destroy and shred all products delivered to us in-house. We do not resell our inventory to recyclers who take your products abroad. We will issue a Certificate of Destruction upon completion of the job, verifying that your items have been destroyed appropriately and will not make their way to the landfill.

Document Destruction and Shredding

You can have your confidential documents destroyed at your location or offsite. You can witness the whole shredding process firsthand. All papers are cross-shred for added security. No physical or visual contact will be made between your papers and the material handlers. Whether your business shreds weekly or monthly, we can handle document destruction and shredding of all sizes and provide you with a certificate of destruction.

 Electronics/Data Destruction

Our electronic destruction is the only way to ensure the data is gone forever. Any hard drives, data-storing hardware, and electronic media devices can be properly destroyed with us. If there is a chance that a hard drive once contains confidential information about a client, we’ll securely destroy them. Similar to our document destruction and shredding service, you can request a certificate of destruction as evidence to ensure that your electronic data is destroyed correctly.

Contact Sledgehammer Product Destruction

If you need a Certificate of Destruction in Phoenix after disposing of sensitive documents or unwanted products, Sledgehammer Product Destruction can help. We provide safe, affordable, confidential destruction services in Phoenix and surrounding areas.

Contact us today at 510-439-2020 or 562-210-0075 to discuss your product destruction needs.





Certificate of Destruction Phoenix
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Certificate of Destruction Phoenix
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Certificate of Destruction Phoenix
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